We offer customized marketing solutions

  • Media strategy

    Media strategy is one of the most important elements in the formation and management of a successful brand. Properly designed scheme serves as a guarantee of the success of an advertising campaign. We can help those for whom the creation of a media strategy on their own is not possible, as well as for those who want to invest in the promotion of their company most effectively.

  • Digital marketing

    The strategy involves the allocation of digital channels in which the promotion will be most effective, and also describes the specific rules and features of working with each channel. At the moment, the number of digital channels is very extensive. We will carry out analytics, choose the best promotion channels for a specific project and form the right actions for each of them.

  • Branding

    We will draw up a clear action plan with arguments that must be carried out to achieve the goals set for the brand in the short, medium and long term.

  • SMM

    Social networks and blogs are firmly established in our lives. They are the real consumers of the product being promoted, with whom one can and should work - after all, there is a unique opportunity for direct contact. We will help to correctly use the channel of social networks and media, we will reveal its possibilities for achieving the maximum economic effect.

  • UX design

    We transfer the company's business processes to the Internet, create new ones We design behavioral scripts that are used on the site. We offer an optimal structure for presenting information on the site based on the nature of behavioral scenarios. We develop a dynamic prototype of the site, which demonstrates the principles of the site before the technical work on it.

  • Content

    In order to understand what, how, to whom and when to report, we organize the search, formulation and expression of the competitive advantages of the company, goods and services. We prepare text, graphic and multimedia content that keeps the visitor on the site, reveals the unique features of the brand, enhances the impression and impact, convinces and sells. We write scripts and produce a promotional video.


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